Mirror Mazes International

After years of development, Oak Island introduces its very own infinity-illusion mirror maze which we believe is the new global standard in excellence.  These walkthrough attractions are absolutely incredible and will have your guests amazed... as no matter where they turn or what they do they will see the same endless reflections and images in all directions.

Our mazes are born of un-equaled precision-machined craftsmanship which leads to the ultimate geometric reflections and a true feeling of seeing infinity in all directions.  They are a complete attraction that comes with floor pieces, ceiling pieces, lighting, audio and wall panels that are finished on both sides, so the back of the panels are aesthetically pleasing.  Oak Island's mirror maze audio and lighting packages are wowing and absolutely incredible.

We are the inventors of mirror maze safety systems and our mazes include advanced "safe fabrication" techniques and state-of-the-art shut down and exiting strategies in the event of an emergency.  

We offer several scenic treatments to choose from or we can customize one for you!

Mirror Mazes are a very profitable investment with minimal on-going expenses to operate them.  They can be very impactful when put into small spaces.  They are a great anchor attraction for FEC's, Festivals, Theme Parks, Malls and more!