Who We Are

Oak Island Works With Clients All Over The US & Beyond

About Us

Oak Island is a creative team of people specializing in the materialization of experiential events, products, consulting and other services. We produce many of America’s flagship holiday events and are the world’s gold standard in haunted attraction design and implementation.   We also specialize in many theming products, various special events, creative consulting and attractions.

In business since 1997, Oak Island has worked hand-in-hand with most of the world’s major theme park organizations over the years.  We also work with dozens of FEC’s, cultural institutions, zoos and independent-operator entertainment facilities. 

Oak Island… a creative engine that brings creative experiences and products to the world!

  • Halloween

    Oak Island has produced over 100 haunted attractions in theme parks in the last decade alone. Our other Halloween related services include consulting, park-wide theming, marketing, branding, unique products, merchandise consulting, culinary consulting, master planning, show product, art and design...all things needed to produce and maintain award winning Halloween events and attractions.

  • Holiday

    We currently produce several of the largest Christmas events in America. We master plan and produce all aspects of the events to include budgeting, design, art, fabrication, installation and maintenance. USA Today recently presented an article rating the top ten "must see" 2013 Christmas events in America; three of these events were produced by Oak Island Creative.

  • Mirror Mazes

    For the past eight years, we have produced Mirror Mazes, developing state-of-the-art features to include high-tech exiting systems, themed character appearances, audio and lighting shows, advanced safety systems, wowing scenic design and much more. You will find some of our Mirror Mazes in Branson, Myrtle Beach, Cincinnati, New Jersey and Pigeon Forge to name a few.  Coming soon, our Mirror Mazes will be sold under the brand:  Mirror Mazes International. 

  • Creative Firepower and Products

    Many of our clients utilize Oak Island Creative for general creative consulting in areas such as marketing and branding, graphics, experiential entertainment design, production design and entertainment master planning, etc. Oak Island Creative is the creative engine behind many of the cutting-edge experiential entertainment products on the market today.

Our History

  • 1985

    John Hawkins builds haunted houses in Louisville, KY

  • 1997

    Oak Island is born… producing professional haunted attractions in North Dakota

  • 1999

    Oak Island headquarters moves to Tampa, Florida 

  • 2000

    Oak Island begins manufacturing haunted attractions for theme parks

  • 2001

    Oak Island starts producing a professional line of Haunted Attraction products, now known as Scare Products

  • 2003

    Oak Island enters fabrication of Christmas and other special events

  • 2004

    Oak Island adds entire theme park special events to it's portfolio

  • 2008

    Oak Island develops Mirror Mazes, now known as Mirror Mazes International

  • 2008

    Oak Island corporate headquarters is formed in Louisville, KY

  • 2009

    Oak Island produces many flagship Holiday, Halloween & Special Events throughout the country

  • 2013

    Many of Oak Island's creative projects with "Best of America" awards.

Our People