Welcome the people standing behind every creative project.

John Hawkins

John is a lifelong entrepreneur who has spent more than 30 years dreaming Oak Island Creative into what it is today- a family of brands that entertain the world! John began his business career at a young age creating haunted attractions and has never looked back. He brings imagination to life by spearheading a team that creates many of the largest consumer events in the world. This same creative team develops and operates internationally sought after brands- such as Scare Products, Holiday Creative, Mystery Town, USATM and Mirror Mazes International. John is one of the most influential people within the experiential entertainment industry today.

Joe Whitcher

Joe is passionate about teamwork and making dreams a reality. He has spent almost two decades at Oak Island Creative orchestrating the very best teams across the country with the core purpose of materializing our client guest experience projects. With every mission, Joe embarks on an adventure that brings creativity to life, shaping and molding ideas until they’re ready to unveil, evoking emotion and igniting excitement. Bringing tremendous passion for our people and our clients’ dreams and business goals to every endeavor, Joe’s commitment to the process enables Oak Island Creative to strive to deliver above and beyond expectations.

Todd Agee

Todd believes in building business through relationships and fiscally sound principles. He is no stranger to the financial world, having spent the past 20 years serving in controller, director, and VP roles- prior to heading up the financial department and overall fiscal vision at Oak Island Creative. During his time with the company Todd has been a driving force in the cultivation of client relationships and creating administrative processes that have raised the bar in the services we provide to each and every client Oak Island partners with.

Jim Sugrue

Jim puts client relationships first, every step of the way. He heads up the production and technical side of Oak Island Creative and Studio Oak Island. Using his past service experience coupled with his technical knowledge, Jim ensures that each project is executed to the highest safety standard and that each client receives the most outstanding results in the industry. He believes in cultivating strong client relationships in order to achieve a successful end product and wow factor.

Joe Schiess

Joe believes that efficiency through planning builds the best product for our clients. He has been in charge of the daily operations of Oak Island Creative for the past decade. Joe, a retired paramedic, has developed our administration team into the well-oiled machine it is today. From payroll and facility planning, to logistics and beyond- Joe is instrumental in the daily support of our teams, projects and clients.

Scott Gasparich

Scott leads our teams with a passion for the entertainment industry and a drive for creative brand development. Scott brings over 20 years of production and theme park expertise to our Creative and Sales Team. He has held a variety of executive positions in the theme park and entertainment industries before joining Oak Island.  Scott has led the development of many nationally recognized, award winning shows and consumer events- and is widely regarded as a chief pioneer in the experiential entertainment industry.  He brings a wealth of passion for creativity and accomplishment of business objectives to Oak Island’s client projects and brand endeavors.

Damon Wilde

Damon is driven by quality and vision for innovative design.  For nearly a decade he has lead our design team with an eye for detail and an artistic zeal for breaking out of the ordinary. He challenges his team to blaze new trails as they work with each client on achieving the very best results. Damon has nearly two decades of experience in graphic and thematic design, marketing and branding, and artistic skills of many kinds. He spearheads the execution of design intent for the company’s unique product lines, brand collateral, attractions and events enjoyed by audiences across the globe.

Paula Agee

Paula is passionate about people. She has a vast array of experience in building teams and relationships within the Human Resources industry. Paula heads up many disciplines in our company to include recruitment and the overall employee experience of working at Oak Island Creative. Paula is energized by the creative people and processes at Oak Island Creative, and also has a passion for developing the best people and most dynamic teams in the industry.

Frank Aridano

Frank is driven by building great customer relationships and offering clients innovative solutions.  Frank has helped build Oak Island since our humble beginnings in 1997. He permanently joined the Oak Island Team to help spearhead our Scare Products brand. Today, Frank currently heads up the sales and customer experience for three Oak Island Product Brands- Scare Products, Holiday Creative and Mirror Mazes International, and also assists company operations in many areas such as research and development and attraction design.

Desiree Lambert

Desiree enjoys imagining… starting with the phrase, “what if…?” She imagines new and exciting creative concepts for clients, passionately striving to bring imagination to life not just through sight, but through all the senses. Bringing over 15 years of theatrical experience to Oak Island Creative, Desiree began her career as a performer, choreographer and show director for live theatres and theme parks in the South Texas region.  Desiree is on the “front-line” of client experience at Oak Island creating incredible results for our clients around the world.