Six Flags Great Adventure: Holiday in the Park Review

For the first time ever, Six Flags Great Adventure remained open throughout the holiday season. The event, Holiday in the Park ran from November 21, 2015 through January 3, 2016. This highly anticipated event offered park guests with dazzling light displays, delicious holiday food, falling snow, thrilling rides and seasonal shows. In all I experienced this event a total of four times which is more than the usual season which runs from Spring to Fall. Considering the amount of times I visited the park, it's obvious the event has had a positive effect on me. Therefore, I invite you to read my full review of this annual (hopefully) event!

Before I begin my rundown of this event, I would like to first congratulate everyone who made Holiday in the Park a huge success! This seasonal event would have put any Scrooge or Grinch in the holiday spirit.

It wasn’t about how many lights were twinkling, it wasn’t about elaborate displays and it definitely wasn’t about being the biggest of its kind. In fact, Holiday in the Park was created to provide everyone with a perfect holiday experience full of cheer, joy and family! And this was obvious thanks to the many smiling faces and laughing kids… it was infectious.

After I scanned my index finger at the front gate I was immersed into a wintery wonderland with falling snow, twinkling lights and a soundtrack of classic, new and unconventional holiday music. In the center of the fountain on Main Street stood a towering tree omitting vivid colors of the rainbow. This gigantic tree was the perfect centerpiece for such an event. Every half hour the evergreen surface of the tree would come to life with a mesmerizing light show set to music. I believe this was the first tree of its kind to be used at a holiday event and what made it so outstanding was not only the synced lighting but the pictures these lights created. There were full blown scenes taking shape on this tree, which had a 360 degree view. It was rather impressive and set the tone for the rest of event.

In all there were ten different sections themed to the holidays; A Main Street Christmas, Tree Top Summit, Snowman City, Gingerbread Junction, The North Pole, Poinsettia Peak, Winter Wonderland, Joy to the World, Polar Point and Holiday Memories.

Throughout various areas there was live entertainment including Storytime with Mrs. Claus, Jack Frost’s Magical Christmas, The Poinsettia Princess, The Jingle Jammers, Gumdrop Hop, Celebration of the Season, The Snow Queen and even Santa himself. There was literally something to do for everyone in the family. Personally I experienced two of the entertainment venues; A Celebration of the Season which was the light show in the center of the park I mentioned earlier as well as Jack Frost’s Magical Christmas. Located at the Showcase Theatre on the outskirts of Movietown, Jack Frost’s evil plot to steal Christmas is thwarted by the warmth and magic of the holiday season. It featured acrobatic tricks, live animals and mind blowing magic! This show is a definite must and from the crowds swarming to the theatre it was obvious this show was the highlight of the overall event.

Aside from the shows and lights throughout the park. Six Flags Great Adventure also kept the thrills rolling with roller coasters, rides and attractions running all day and night. Of course I didn’t just visit the park for this awesome event… I had to ride Batman the Ride, Nitro, Dark Knight, Green Lantern and Superman! My visit wouldn’t be complete without them! Even if it was 38 degrees outside! Honestly, it was very odd riding a coaster in the Northeast not only during the month of December but also January! In fact I finished my 2015 and began my 2016 with Nitro!

After I had my fill of coasters it was time to wind down the night with some hot chocolate and seasonal foods. Now this is the best part. When I purchased my hot chocolate souvenir mug, I gained the right to receive unlimited refills of the chocolate stuff with a whip cream topping and a crowning marshmallow peep! Don’t laugh the peep was the highlight of this drink. Before each first sip of my MANY mugs of hot chocolate, I dipped this peep in the warm stuff and devoured it right away! And I wasn’t the only one carrying a warm mug, almost everyone had their own! It was obviously the number one beverage throughout the park! TIP: Save your obscenely amount of hot chocolate consumption until after you have ridden the rides. For some reason the mixture of chocolate, whip cream, peeps and coasters… doesn’t sit well. A lot of people were mentioning upset stomachs. I know I was!

Overall the event to me was a huge success. There was no frowns, mad faces or crying, well of course those who didn’t want to leave did. But overall everyone was cheerful and smiling. It was an event about being together friends and family which is what the holidays are all about! The atmosphere was infectious, it was the perfect way to start to and end your holiday season! Like I said, I visited the park a total of four times which was more than the normal season. I really hope Holiday in the Park becomes an annual event and I know that it will only get bigger and better with each year! Thankfully, this Winter has been warm and the weather has been cooperative. If you didn’t go this year then I definitely recommend visiting Holiday in the Park next year!
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